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Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016
  • Herausgeber: Sigrid Adriaenssens, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler, Achim Menges, Mark Pauly

  • Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016
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    Developable Surfaces, Polyhedral Surface, Timber Plate Shells, 3D-Scanning, Digital Fabrication, Membrane, Meshing, Computational Design, Freeform

    The Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG) symposia serve as a unique forum where developments in the design, analysis and fabrication of building geometry are presented. With participation of both academics and professionals, each symposium aims to gather and present practical work and theoretical research that responds to contemporary design challenges and expands the opportunities for architectural form.

    The fifth edition of the AAG symposia was hosted by the National Centre for Competence in Research Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, in September 2016.

    This book contains the proceedings from the AAG2016 conference and offers detailed insight into current and novel geometrical developments in architecture. The 22 diverse, peer-reviewed papers present cutting-edge innovations in the fields of mathematics, computer graphics, software design, structural engineering, and the design and construction of architecture.

    We support open access (free download), what about you?

    "The AAG16 conference on advances in architectural geometry at the ETH Zurich just completed. For some exciting computational generative architectural innovation idea, you can take a look at the wonderful, impressive, beautiful and exciting Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016 e-book."
    (Jeremy Tammik, The Building Coder, Blog, September 2016)

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  • ISBN: 978-3-7281-3778-4
  • DOI: 10.3218/3778-4
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Download ganzes eBook DOI 10.3218/3778-4 31.57MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_1 Imprint 2.83MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_2 Foreword 472.9KB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_3 Contents 480.81KB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_4 Analysis and Design of Curved Support Structures 1.2MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_5 Measuring and Controlling Fairness of Triangulations 1.3MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_6 Face-Offsetting Polygon Meshes with Variable Offset Rates 1.26MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_7 Marionette Mesh 1.11MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_8 Designing with Curved Creases 1.81MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_9 A Double-Layered Timber Plate Shell 2.76MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_10 On the Hierarchical Construction of SL Blocks 994.69KB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_11 Tree Fork Truss 1.42MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_12 Textile Fabrication Techniques for Timber Shells 1.21MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_13 Bending-Active Plates 1.32MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_14 Underwood Pavilion 1.42MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_15 Safra Neuron Screen 1.97MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_16 Scissor Mechanisms for Transformable Structures with Curved Shape 1.72MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_17 Mastering the Sequential Roof 5.93MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_18 Adaptive Meshing for Bi-directional Information Flows 1.43MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_19 Dimensionality Reduction for Parametric Design Exploration 1.12MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_20 Force Adaptive Hot-Wire Cutting 2.42MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_21 Designing for Hot-Blade Cutting 2.1MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_22 Cuttable Ruled Surface Strips for Milling 1.1MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_23 The Armadillo Vault 3.58MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_24 CASTonCAST Shell Structures 1.01MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_25 Lightweight Conical Components for Rotational Parabolic Domes 1.61MB
DOI 10.3218/3778-4_26 Author Biographies 503.52KB

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