• Herausgeber: Guillaume Habert, Arno Schlueter

  • Expanding Boundaries

  • Systems Thinking in the Built Environment
  • Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Regional Conference Zurich 2016

Sustainability, Urban Energy Systems, Spatial Energy Planning, Renewable Energy, Urban Design, Energy Hub, Urban Planning, Renovation Strategy, Sustainable Architectural Design, Building Material, Eco-Efficiency, Material Efficiency

Consuming over 40% of total primary energy, the built environment is in the centre of worldwide strategies and measures towards a more sustainable future. To provide resilient solutions, a simple optimisation of individual technologies will not be sufficient. In contrast, whole system thinking reveals and exploits connections between parts. Each system interacts with others on different scales (materials, components, buildings, cities) and domains (ecology, economy and social). Whole-system designers optimize the performance of such systems by understanding interconnections and identifying synergies. The more complete the design integration, the better the result.

In this book, the reader will find the proceedings of the 2016 Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Regional Conference in Zurich. Papers have been written by academics and practitioners from all continents to bring forth the latest understanding on systems thinking in the built environment.

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Download ganzes eBook DOI 10.3218/3774-6 52.4MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_1 Preface 2.66MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_2 Table of Contents 464.78KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_3 Topic & Program 1.04MB
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DOI 10.3218/3774-6_5 Keynote Speakers 2.94MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_6 Panel Discussion 2.14MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_7 Overview Conference Papers 554.62KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_8 Optimal Energy Technology Networks in Spatial Energy Planning in Austrian City Quarters – S. Maier, H. Dumke, M. Eder, J. Fischbäck, M. Malderle, E. Rainer 669.13KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_9 Energy and the City: Investigating Spatial and Architectural Consequences of a Shift in Energy Systems on District Level in a Summer School – A. Willmann, S. Cisar, Z. Nagy, A. Schlueter 2.74MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_10 Optimal Energy System Transformation of a Neighbourhood – R. Wu, G. Mavromatidis, K. Orehounig, J. Carmeliet 1.82MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_11 Matching Renewable Energy Production and Consumption by Market Regulated Demand Site Management (DSM) – T. Schluck, R. Bühler, S. Sulzer, M. Sulzer 949.78KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_12 Holistic Optimization of Urban Morphology and District Energy Systems – C. Waibel, R. Evins, J. Carmeliet 1.14MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_13 Built from Determinants of Urban Land Surface Temperature: A Case of Mumbai – S. Mehrotra, R. Bardhan, K. Ramamritham 1.48MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_14 Integration of Outdoor Human Comfort in a Building Energy Simulation Database Using CityGML Energy ADE – S. Coccolo, D. Mauree, J. Kämpf, J.-L. Scartezzini 1.83MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_15 Multi-Scale Modelling to Assess Human Comfort in Urban Canyons – D. Mauree, S. Coccolo, J. Kämpf, J.-L. Scartezzini 810.73KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_16 Assessing the Performance and Resilience of Future Energy Systems at Neighborhood Scale – J.A. Fonseca, A. Schlueter 1.23MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_17 Facilitating Climate Adaptive Urban Design – Developing a System of Planning Criteria in Hungary – F. Szkordilisz, M. Kiss, L.A. Égerházi, D. Kassai-Szoó, Á. Gulyás 599.74KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_18 Comparison of District Heating Systems and Distributed Geothermal Network for Optimal Exergetic Performance – P.M. Falk, F. Meggers, P. Stephan, F. Dammel 825.04KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_19 Campus as a Lab: Building- and System-Level Air Movement Investigations – E. Teitelbaum, S. Urano, L. Conlan, A. Percival, J. Hinson, F. Meggers 2.24MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_20 Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for the Optimal Design of Distributed Urban Energy Systems – G. Mavromatidis, K. Orehounig, J. Carmeliet 900.19KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_21 Does Roof Shape Matter? Solar PV Integration on Roofs – N. Mohajeri, D. Assouline, B. Guiboud, J.L. Scartezzini 1.68MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_22 LCA as Key Factor for Implementation of Inertia in a Low Carbon Performance Driven Design: The Case of the Smart Living Building in Fribourg, Switzerland – A. Brambilla, E. Hoxha, T. Jusselme, M. Andersen, E. Rey 920.19KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_23 Tuning Energy Performance Simulation on Behavioural Variability with Inverse Modelling: The Case of Smart Campus Building – L.C. Tagliabue, M. Manfren, A.L.C. Ciribini, E. De Angelis 1.39MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_24 Strategic Planning for the Transformation of a University Campus Towards Smart, Eco and Green Sustainable Built Environment: A Case Study from Palestine – S. Abu-Eisheh, I. Hijazi 1.13MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_25 Introduction of a Dynamic Interpretation of Building LCA Results: The Case of the Smart Living (Lab) Building in Fribourg, Switzerland – E. Hoxha, T. Jusselme, M. Andersen, E. Rey 722.73KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_26 NEST – Exploring the Future of Buildings – P. Richner, R. Largo 785.3KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_27 What Should a Building be Controlled for? Ask the Occupants! – Z. Nagy, F.Y. Yong, A. Schlueter 705.88KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_28 Prediction of Users’ Behaviour Patterns Impact on Energy Performance of a Social Housing in Cremona, Italy – L.C. Tagliabue, M. Manfren, A.L.C. Ciribini, E. De Angelis 2.25MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_29 Towards Sustainable Occupant Behavior and Organizational Change – D.V. Keyson, T. J. Jaskiewicz 1.02MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_30 Modelling Load Profiles for the Residential Consumption of Electricity Based on a Milieu-Oriented Approach – N. Haufe, M. Ziegler, T. Bednar 978.48KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_31 Learning Tools – C. Deb, S.E. Lee, J. Yang, K.W. Shah 1.09MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_32 Overheating Reduction of a Cold Formed Steel-Framed Building Using a Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm to Optimize Different PCM Solutions – A. J. Figueiredo, R. Vicente, J. Kämpf, C. Cardoso, J.-L. Scartezzini, F. Rodrigues 922.37KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_33 Model Predictive Control for Geothermal Borehole Depth Determination – H. Guo, F. Meggers 1.7MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_34 Integrating Persuasive Technology in Prototypes of Interior Walls to Stimulate Behavioural Change – M. Mohammadi, C. Hammink, M. Dominicus, K. Hermans 817.7KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_35 Toward an Integrated Platform for Energy Efficient Lighting Control of Non-Residential Buildings –A. Motamed, L. Deschamps, J.-L. Scartezzini 996.33KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_36 Dynamic Energy Weighting Factors to Promote the Integration of Renewables into Buildings – L. Baldini 805.35KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_37 Solar Energy Availability in Urban Densification Process Impact on Existing Buildings in a Swiss Case Study – C.S. Polo López, M. Sala, F. Frontini, L.C. Tagliabue, E. De Angelis, G. Pansa 2.2MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_38 Towards Integrated Design Strategies For Implementing BIPV Systems into Urban Renewal Processes: First Case Study in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) – S. Aguacil, S. Lufkin, E. Rey 3.9MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_39 From Design to Operation – Lessons Learned from the World’s First Passive-House Office Tower – C. Steininger, R. Toth 628.13KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_40 An Integrated and Intelligent Way Towards Energy Management – The Cockpit – S. Lee, K. Shah, J. Yang, C. Deb 2.38MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_41 Campus Sustainability Retrofits: A Multi-Criteria Site Selection Model for Low Impact Development (LID) – A. Kamal 960.3KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_42 LCA Enhancement Perspectives to Facilitate Scaling up from Building to Territory – G. Sibiude, A. Mailhac, G. Herfray, N. Schiopu, A. Lebert, G. Togo, P. Villien, B. Peuportier, C. Valean 965.95KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_43 LCA Applicability at District Scale Demonstrated Throughout a Case Study: Shortcomings and Perspectives for Future Improvements – A. Mailhac, G. Herfray, N. Schiopu, N. Kotelnikova-Weiler, A. Poulhes, S. Mainguy, J. Grimaud, J. Serre 1.07MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_44 Combining GIS Data Sets and Material Intensities to Estimate Vienna’s Building Stock – F. Kleemann, J. Lederer, H. Rechberger, J. Fellner 756.75KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_45 A GIS-Based Approach for the Energy Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment of Urban Housing Stocks – A. Mastrucci, A. Marvuglia, E. Benetto, U. Leopold 735KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_46 Geo-Dependent Heat Demand Model of the Swiss Building Stock – F. Kleemann, J. Lederer, H. Rechberger, J. Fellner 1.78MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_47 Economic and Ecological Assessment of Cuban Housing Solutions Using Alternative Cement – Y. Cancio Diaz, S. Sanchez, F. Martirena, I.R. Sanchez, K. Scrivener, G. Habert 627.5KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_48 A Sustainable Development Approach for Affordable Housing in Egypt – A. Mokhtar 803.14KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_49 Environmental Implications and Opportunities of Digital Fabrication – I. Agustí-Juan, G. Habert 684.28KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_50 A Novel Perspective on the Avoided Burden Approach Applied to Steel-Cement Making Joint System – M.R.M. Saade, M. G. da Silva, V. Gomes 2.39MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_51 Air Dehumidification with Novel Liquid Desiccant System – J. Pantelic, E. Teitelbaum, S. Kim, H. Guo, A. Schlueter, A. Rysanek, F. Meggers 655.06KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_52 Deep Renovations within Smart Asset Management – E. Nippala, T. Vainio 555.31KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_53 A Multi-Criteria Approach for the Assessment of Housing Renovation Strategies – O. Pombo, K. Allacker, B. Rivela, J. Neila 718.42KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_54 Business Case Study for the Zero Energy Refurbishment of Commercial Buildings – A. Greco, T. Konstantinou, H.R. Schipper, R. Binnekamp, E. Gerritsen, R. de Graaf, A. van den Dobbelsteen 583.69KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_55 Impact of Building Refurbishment Strategies on the Energetic Payback – A. Passer, C. Ouellet-Plamondon, P. Keneally, G. Habert 2.67MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_56 Economic and Environmental Assessment of Building Renovation: Application to Residential Buildings Heated with Electricity in Switzerland – B. Périsset, S. Lasvaux, C. Hildbrand, D. Favre, S. Citherlet 1.87MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_57 Environmental Effects of an Alpine Summit Tunnel – F. Gschösser, W. Purrer, P. Sander 898.04KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_58 Selection of Environmental Datasets as Generic Data: Application to Insulation Materials within a National Context – J. D. Silvestre, S. Lasvaux, J. Hodková, J. de Brito, M.D. Pinheiro 634.56KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_59 €coffice-LCC and LCA as Part of the Integrated Design Approach for a High Performance-Low Cost Office Building – L. Delem, R. Decuypere, O. Dartevelle 977.37KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_60 Sustainable Stepwise Building Renovation – M. Lehmann, W. Ott 579.51KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_61 Environment and Economy – An Alliance of Mutual Benefits in Residential Building – V. John, S.D.T. Schwarz, G. Habert 1.34MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_62 A Framework for Life Cycle Assessment of Concretes with Recycled Aggregates in Large Metropolitan Areas – A. Yazdanbakhsh, L.C. Bank, T. Baez, I. Wernick, A. Hamidi 1.32MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_63 Life Cycle Analysis of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Fly Ash as Partial Cement Replacement – S. Marinković, G. Habert, I. Ignjatović, J. Dragaš, N. Tošić, C. Brumaud 1.07MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_64 Eco-Efficiency of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling in Chongqing, China – J. Wu, M. Hu, S. Shi, T. Liu, C. Zhang 698.21KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_65 Efficiency of Using Recycled Fine Aggregate for a New Concrete – A. Katz, D. Kulisch 3.37MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_66 The Cost and Environmental Impact of Service Life Extending Self-Healing Engineered Materials for Sustainable Steel Reinforced Concrete – P. Van den Heede, B. Van Belleghem, N. De Belie 615.46KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_67 Eco-Mechanical Performances of UHP-FRCC: Material vs. Structural Scale Analysis – A.P. Fantilli, S. Kwon, H. Mihashi, T. Nishiwaki 738.21KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_68 Low Carbon Cement: A Sustainable Way to Meet Growing Demand in Cuba – S. Sanchez, Y. Cancio, F. Martirena, I.R. Sanchez, K. Scrivener, G. Habert 752.67KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_69 Life Cycle Assessment of Precast and Cast-In-Situ Construction – Y.H. Dong, L. Jaillon, C.-S. Poon 709.09KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_70 Process Mapping and Preliminary Assessment of LIfe Cycle Impact in Indian Cement Plants – R. Gettu, S. Prakasan, A. Patel, V. Rathi, K. Nagrath, S. Palaniappan, S. Maity 1.38MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_71 The Environmental Relevance of the Construction and End-Of-Life Phases of a Building: A Temporary Structure LCA Case Study – A. Arrigoni, D. Collatina, M. Zucchinelli, G. Dotelli 842.6KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_72 Overcoming Obsolescence: A Case Study Renovation Building – Ideas on Reuse in Planning and Building Process – A. Hafner 1.47MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_73 Resources in Buildings and Their Recycling Options – K. Krause, A. Hafner, S. Schäfer 976.6KB
DOI-10-3218-3774-6_74 Life Cycle GHG Emissions from a Wooden Load-Bearing Alternative for a ZEB Office Concept – A. Houlihan Wiberg, T. Barnes Hofmeister, T. Kristjansdottir, B. Time 879.68KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_75 Smart Regeneration of Public Utility Buildings – E. Arbizzani, P. Civiero, C. Clemente 557.81KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_76 Demolition versus Deep Renovation of Residential Buildings: Case Study with Environmental and Financial Evaluation of Different Construction Scenarios – L. Wastiels, A. Janssen, R. Decuypere, J. Vrijders 765.77KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_77 Retrofitting Measure vs. Replacement – LCA Study for a Railway Bridge – F. Gschösser, R. Schneider, A. Tautschnig, J. Feix 1.8MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_78 Towards a Reliable Comparison between Environmental and Economic Cost of Swiss Dwellings: A Model with Building Materials’ Service Life Uncertainty – I.-F. Haefliger, V. John, S. Lasvaux, E. Hoxha, A. Passer, G. Habert 864.29KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_79 Engaging Stakeholders through Local Project Committees – G. Barbano, A. Moro 647.67KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_80 Management of User and Stakeholder Interests in Multi-Criteria Assessments – H. Kreiner, A. Passer 936.72KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_81 Business Model Innovation for Local Energy Management: A Systematic Methodology – E. Facchinetti, S.Sulzer 757.14KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_82 Establishing Links for the Planning of Sustainable Districts – S. Cajot, N. Schüler, M. Peter, J. Page, A. Koch, F. Maréchal 1.07MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_83 Which Additional Impact Categories Are Ready for Uptake in the CEN Standards EN 15804 and EN 15978? Evaluation Framework and Intermediate Results – K. Allacker, D. De Lathauwer, W. Debacker, W.C. Lam, K. Boonen 604.79KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_84 Integrated Process for the Evaluation and Optimization of Buildings Performance – B. Daniotti, A. Pavan, D. Pasini, M.A. Chiozzi 768.13KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_85 Critical Analysis of Sustainability Scoring Tools for Neighbourhoods, Based on a Life Cycle Approach – D. Trigaux, K. Allacker, F. De Troyer 1.27MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_86 Building Occupancy Certification: Development on an Approach to Assess Building Occupancy – O. Guerra-Santin, T. Jaskiewicz, J. Doolaard, D. Keyson 1.17MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_87 Renovation in Austria – Analysis of the Energy Performance Certificates between the Years 2006 and 2015 of the County Salzburg – M. Prieler, M. Leeb, T. Reiter 1.04MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_88 Ecological Footprint Analysis of Canadian Household Consumption by Building Type and Mode of Occupation – C. Jouaneau, M. Dupuis, N. Grunewald, C. Ouellet-Plamondon 929.75KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_89 Life Cycle Assessment as a Design Aid Tool for Urban Projects – C. Roux, G. Herfray, P. Schalbart, B. Peuportier 916.8KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_90 From a Simple Tool for Energy Efficient Design in the Early Design Phase to Dynamic Simulations in a Later Design Stage – A. Miyamoto, D. Trigaux, T. Nguyen Van, K. Allacker, F. De Troyer 959.39KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_91 Analysis of the Material-Related Design Decision Process in Flemish Architectural Practice – E. Meex, E. Knapen, G. Verbeeck 2.44MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_92 Economic Flow Analysis of Construction Projects to Support Sustainable Decision-Making – D. Ioannidou, S. Zerbi, G. Habert 1.66MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_93 Urban Planning and Solar Potential: Assessing Users’ Interaction with a Novel Decision-Support Workflow for Early-Stage Design – E. Nault, L. Pastore, E. Rey, M. Andersen 940.2KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_94 Increase the Efficiency in Sustainable Construction Using BIM – C.K. Druhmann, S. Ashworth, H. J. Bernegger 727.47KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_95 The City Energy Analyst Toolbox V0.1 – J.A. Fonseca, D. Thomas, A. Willmann, A. Elesawy, A. Schlueter 1.56MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_96 A Method for Evaluating the Environmental Life Cycle Potential of Building Geometry – A. Hollberg, N. Klüber, S. Schneider, J. Ruth, D. Donath 1.31MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_97 Economic Factors for Successful Net Zero Energy Refurbishment of Dutch Terraced Houses – A. Greco, T. Jonathan, B. Bogers, A. van den Dobbelsteen 1.06MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_98 Sustainability Indicators for Buildings: Network Analysis and Visualization – L.C. Tagliabue, M. Manfren 2.04MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_99 Integrating an Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Tool for the Development of Brownfield Development Projects – F. Cappai, D. Forgues, M. Glaus 983.11KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_100 Survey Tool for the Built Environment – H.C. Leindecker, D. Mittermaier 914.68KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_101 Bio-Based Plastics-Composites for Sustainable Building Skins: Life Expectancy of Cladding Derived from Wind Suction Tests – D. Friedrich, A. Luible 925.25KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_102 Holistic Observations on the Sustainability of High-Rise Building Facades – M. King, D. Geissbühler, U. Menti 1.22MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_103 Integrated Approaches for Large Scale Energy Retrofitting of Existing Residential Building through Innovative External Insulation Prefabricated Panels – G. Iannaccone, G. Salvalai, M.M. Sesana, R. Paolini 3.46MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_104 Limestone Calcined Clay Cement for a Sustainable Development – A. Favier, F. Avet, M. Antoni, K. Scrivener 1.54MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_105 Design-Engineering-Based and Material-Based Improvement of Precast Concrete-Facade-Elements – M. Pätzold, F. Musso, Th. Lechner, O. Fischer, D. Heinz 1.39MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_106 Life Cycle Assessment of a Post-Tensioned Timber Frame in Comparison to a Reinforced Concrete Frame for Tall Buildings – L. Cattarinussi, K. Hofstetter, R. Ryffel, K. Zumstein, D. Ioannidou, M. Klippel 890.19KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_107 A New Route for Self-Compacting Clay Concrete – G. Landrou, C. Brumaud, G. Habert 818.09KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_108 Improving Rammed Earth Walls’ Sustainability through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – A. Arrigoni, D. Ciancio, C.T.S. Beckett, G. Dotelli 639.11KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_109 Naturally Ventilated Earth Timber Constructions – A. Klinge, E. Roswag-Klinge, C. Ziegert, P. Fontana, M. Richter, J. Hoppe 2.13MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_110 Environmental Assessment of Radical Innovation in Concrete Structures – S. Zingg, G. Habert, T. Lämmlein, P. Lura, E. Denarie, A. Hajiesmaeili 671.96KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_111 Nanotechnology and Its Impact on Sustainable Architecture – N. Eisazadeh, K. Allacker 2.03MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_112 Sustainable Insulation System Based on Fabrics – A. Saur, S. Kunz, D. Geissbühler 983.34KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_113 Ecological Performance of Timber / Wood-Cement Compound Composite Slabs – M. Maeder, D. Zwicky 633.74KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_114 Filter Facade – F. Oswald 1.33MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_115 Spherical Motion Average Radiant Temperature Sensor (SMART Sensor) – E. Teitelbaum, J. Read, F. Meggers 2.18MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_116 Environmental Optimisation of Shotcrete Applied at the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) – T. Cordes, F. Gschösser, K. Bergmeister 839.37KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_117 Material Quantities and Embodied Carbon in Exemplary Low-Carbon Case Studies – C. De Wolf, K. Bird, J. Ochsendorf 728.42KB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_118 Site Visits 7.51MB
DOI 10.3218/3774-6_119 Appendix 492.66KB

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