• Digital Business Engineering

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Digital Business Engineering
  • Autoren: Clemente Minonne

  • Digital Business Engineering
  • Going Beyond Business Models and Getting Down to Digital Business Processes
  • Digital Business Transformation, Digitalisation, Business Strategy, Business Process, Business Analysis, Business Architecture, Business Models

    This book serves practitioners as a guide to digital business engineering. It was consciously conceived and prepared from a methodological perspective, thereby avoiding a strongly "technological" approach, rather focusing on the presentation of methods and instruments.

    Its basis is a tried and tested framework model that can be understood as the ideal management cycle of digital business engineering. The control loop consists of goal-setting (Chapter 1: Setting a Business Strategy), implementation (Chapters 2–5), and success assessment (Chapter 6: Validating the Success of Business Transformation) and is located in an outer circuit. The operational implementation phases of digital business engineering are part of the inner cycle: Defining a Business Case (Chapter 2), Eliciting the Business Processes (Chapter 3), Deriving the Business Requirements (Chapter 4), and Transforming the Business Architecture (Chapter 5).

    The book follows a didactic structure: Each chapter includes learning objectives, summaries, and repetition questions with solutions that can help the reader to reassure themselves and strengthen their knowledge. Users who want to familiarise themselves with the field of digital business engineering thus have material at their disposal that is ideal for self-study. But these modules can also help experienced digital business engineers to deepen their knowledge in their organisation and to strengthen their overall methodological competence.

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