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Smart Energy Strategies
  • Herausgeber: Energy Science Center ETH Zurich

  • Smart Energy Strategies
  • Meeting the Climate Change Challenge
  • The enormous challenge of creating a longterm sustainable energy system calls for the participation of engineers, natural and social scientists. They can contribute both through their research and by helping to craft strategies that steer the future development of the system. A sustainable energy system cannot be developed by technical fixes alone; action is required on a broad front, including institutional and regulatory changes. There is an abundance of scientific evidence on which to base decisions on how to proceed. Still, research has a crucial role to play as well.

    Smart Energy Strategies highlights smart solutions: advances in technical and social-science energy research, particularly advances related to new information technology (e.g. control and communication); and experience with targeted applications of information technology in the supply and consumption of energy. The conference has focused on smart strategies taking into account current technical and institutional systems, with their inertia and shortcomings; future energy-related challenges: energy security; the growing energy needs of the disadvantaged; and unintended consequences of energy systems, particularly climate change but also uncontrolled money flows; smart technical, institutional, and regulatory mechanisms for meeting these challenges.

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