• Spatial Planning Matters

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Spatial Planning Matters!
  • Herausgeber: Bernd Scholl, Ana Perić, Rolf Signer

  • Spatial Planning Matters!
  • Inspiring Stories and Fundamental Topics
  • Fundamental Planning Topics, Spatial Planning Projects, Spatial Quality, Local Development, Village Renewal, Co-Productive Planning, Deliberative Planning, Restructuring Urban Quarters

    As a result of the series of four research and debate symposia convened by ETH Zurich members with international academics and practitioners in the field of spatial planning, this book revolves around "inspiring stories" that describe a wide variety of spatial problems as well as the planning mechanisms used to address these; in addition, "fundamental topics" are provided to facilitate the understanding of certain planning processes illustrated by the practical cases.

    There are two main reasons behind choosing this method to introduce spatial planning. Firstly, the spatial planning profession is facing a great crisis. Experts are confronted with a quantum leap in the availability of information and the variety of visualisation and simulation instruments suitable for their analysis. While planners can certainly rely on the new technologies available to support the planning process, it seems to be that the nature of planning processes is being underestimated.

    A second motive for creating this book lies in the relationship between planners as experts and interested lay persons. The latter are usually fascinated with the physical interventions in space, whether these are great urban and architectural complexes or astonishing infrastructural projects. However, what seems to be forgotten, again, is the careful planning process that brought the interventions into being despite numerous problems of various kinds.

    Therefore, the key question is: How can planners bring this fascinating process and its results to the larger public and create a fuller understanding? This book intends to answer this question and create interest and curiosity for the field of spatial planning in a simple and clear manner.

    Introducing case descriptions of:

    • A new park in Milan
    • Storm water protection in Chicago
    • Redevelopment of an industrial brownfield in Attisholz etc.

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  • DOI: 10.3218/3908-5
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