This dissertation examines the evolution and future prospects of air power in Switzerland at the end of its first century. Following the explanation of the latest air power theories and fundamental applications, Part A is devoted to the analysis of the Swiss Air Force’s development from the beginning of the 20th Century (when the first air balloons and primitive civilian aircraft were procured), over two World Wars and the subsequent bipolar world order, to current times. It describes the doctrinal concepts that have been applied in Switzerland, analyses the available equipment, and aims at surveying the efficiency of the national defence regarding the third dimension.

Part B tackles the future decades of the Swiss Air Force and investigates whether possessing a domestic air power will remain relevant and if so, in what domestic and international framework it is to be used to meet the post-modern defence requirements. This includes the challenges it is about to face due to the upcoming retirement of the Tiger fleet. The research strategy is based on qualitative methods.

With regards to Part A, the empirical material has been gathered principally through written, primary and secondary sources of information (such as official reports and documents, publications, laws, decrees, etc.). Part B’s numerous issues were the object of a standardised questionnaire, which served as a base on which to interview knowledgeable experts within the Swiss Air Force.

Through this comprehensive inquiry, the dissertation has highlighted a series of doctrinal inadequacies since the very beginning of air power in Switzerland and some deficiencies regarding current operational capabilities, which must be rectified so as not to jeopardise homeland security in the long run.

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