• Autoren: Ralf Hieber

  • Supply Chain Management
  • A Collaborative Performance Measurement Approach
  • Supply chain management is emerging as one of the most powerful logistics management concepts for improving performance across the entire logistics network. Companies that have already streamlined their internal business process are now working to realise further savings by improving the external business relationships within the more and more complex, linked value-adding business processes in logistics networks. Although the benefits of SCM are well-known in industry, until now companies have only put this concept into practice in a limited way.

    Therefore, the newly developed integral model of collaborative performance measurement in this book will make a contribution towards easing and supporting improvements in supply chain management as well as giving specific guidelines for its implementation. Furthermore, the author provides newly developed key performance indicators that enable the measurement of the performance of co-operation across the extended enterprise in a supply chain environment. Based on case studies, the integral model, in close connection to the SCOR model, was applied and has proven its applicability in industrial practice.

    This book presents a rich variety of concepts and methods for industrial engineers, business managers, engineers and consultants as well as success stories in supply chain management.

    In April 2002, Dr. Raph Hieber, the author of this book, received "The Award for Supply Chain Academic Excellence" from the Supply Chain Council in the USA.

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