• Autoren: Bruno Jenny

  • Project Management

  • Knowledge for a Successful Career

Enterprises today realise their many plans for innovation and change through projects. This is necessary to meet the challenges posed by globalisation, market dynamics and tough competition.

However, successful innovation can only be achieved when projects are based on a broad professional and methodical foundation. Moreover, modern project management depends on a comprehensive and forward-looking management system. The efficiency of this system stems from an optimal interaction of the elements of the system, as well as ist integration within the enterprise. The application of classic project development techniques will, for instance, deliver a purely functional result. However, what is also important is a properly conducted approach to change management that also supports the psychological change process, through which all the people involved must go, in a professional manner.

This book highlights the fact that project management is far more than merely trendy. With the aid of numerous diagrams, it delivers a real knowledge of project management independent of field of specialisation and level of hierarchy. Thanks to clear and reader-friendly language, concise learning aids such as learning objectives and an instructive case study, this book allows the complex subject of modern project management to be studied independently in an interesting way.

As Managing Director of SPOL AG, Bruno Jenny realizes and accompanies various projects at various hierarchical levels with internationally active insurance, banking and industrial concerns as well as public authorities. In this function he has been able to gather a great deal of project-related experience through functional as well as psychological changes on the strategic and operative levels. As a lecturer, coach and testing expert the author is a well-versed authority on the current educational scene. In many lectures at public and internal management seminars as well as by means of various publications he communicates professional project management as a pioneering management system. He is a pioneering personality in the realm of modern project management. The findings published in this book are essentially characterized by his experiences.

German version of the book (new edition!): Projektmanagement – Das Wissen für eine erfolgreiche Karriere

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