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Methods and Concepts of Land Management


Spatial Planning Systems, Land Use Planning, Land Management Instruments, Urban Land Management, Urban Redevelopment Strategies, Shrinking Cities, Property Formation, Digitalisation, Geodata, Housing Provision, Housing Pricing

The peer reviewed papers in this new volume of the European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD) inform about investigations on the common subject "land management" – due to the interdisciplinary nature of the EALD from very different views. The spectrum of contributions covers regulations, governance and the implementation of land management as well as the assessment of relevant data supporting these tasks. Various approaches, methods, systems and understanding of the government’s role in the different countries of Europe are highlighted.


Committed to sustainability, the articles give evidence that Europe provides an experimental field for land management issues, and they enable to increase knowledge of new practices, to verify them and to learn from each other.

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