• Autoren: Isabella M. Mambretti

  • Urban Parks between Safety and Aesthetics
  • Exploring urban green space using Visualisation and Conjoint Analysis methods
  • 3-D-Visualisation, Landscape, Architecture, Design, Urban Development

    The question of how to live in the city and increase the quality of urban life creates new challenges for both urban policies and academic research. Urban parks are important keys for achieving a broader understanding of the urban landscape. Open green spaces in every form are essential for life in our ever more urbanised society and are becoming a vital issue for the liveability of the urban environment.

    The purpose of the present research is to acquire a more thorough knowledge of the evaluation of urban parks. The study uses statistical analysis methods combined with landscape planning and visualisation methods. The research provides an innovative and sophisticated point of view along with the means to improve the comprehension of people's preferences for alternative urban park scenarios. The results are expected to create an advanced discussion platform and make a contribution towards improving knowledge of the public's perception of urban parks. The investigation was conducted with empirical experiments on two parks in Zurich.

    The functional component of the research is the visualisation of spatial data using powerful visualisation tools. The theoretical prospect is the achievement of broader knowledge about individuals' perception of open green spaces, focusing on previously unexplored experimental research combining conjoint analysis and visualisation methods.

    The experiments created for the research are effective for modelling and explaining the signifi cance that people assign to specific dimensions characterising different park scenarios. Two motivations are at the base of the research: exploring the use of conjoint analysis methods to study virtual urban parks and evaluating the use of visual stimuli with conjoint analysis.

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  • Buchreihe: IRL-Berichte – Publikationsreihe des Instituts für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung IRL, ETH Zürich Band 4
  • Auflage: 1., 2011
  • Seiten: 224 Seiten
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  • ISBN: 978-3-7281-3187-4
  • Sprache: Englisch
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