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Energy from the Earth
  • Herausgeber: Stefan Hirschberg, Stefan Wiemer, Peter Burgherr
  • Herausgeber: TA-SWISS

  • Energy from the Earth
  • Deep Geothermal as a Resource for the Future?
  • Geothermics, Energy Supply, Electricity Generation

    Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050 requires energy efficiency to be substantially improved, the proportion of fossil fuels in the energy supply to be considerably reduced, and nuclear power to be phased out, while meeting highly ambitious climate protection targets. One of the core implications is the need for a massive increase of the use of renewable sources for electricity generation.

    In this context, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) estimates that by 2050 deep geothermal energy could contribute 4–5 TWh per year to electricity generation in Switzerland, which would be a substantial contribution to a projected annual power need of 60 TWh. Geothermal energy is attractive because of the very large scale of the resource, its expected relatively low CO2 emissions, and its reliable, all-day domesticavailability. However, the future contribution of deep geothermal energy is subject to major uncertainties: How much of this resource can be exploited and at what economic cost? What are the environmental and risk-related externalities that the public must be willing to bear? How does its overall performance compare to competing energy resources? And will the regulatory framework and public acceptance be sufficient to allow geothermal energy to provide a significant contribution?

    By way of this major interdisciplinary study, already considered a work of reference, TA-SWISS provides answers to these questions in a comprehensive and balanced way, thereby supplying a sound basis for stakeholder decision-making.

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    "Die Untersuchung zeigt: Die perfekte Energielösung gibt es nicht. Doch das Abwägen der Stärken und Schwächen der Tiefengeothermie liefert erste strukturierte Hinweise zur Rolle, die diese Energiequelle innerhlb des schweizerischen Energiemix in Zukunft spielen könnte."
    (Christa Tobler, Newsletter TA-Swiss 3/2014)

    "The tome edited by HIRSCHBERG et al. provides the very modern and very balanced view on deep geothermal energy resources based on the Swiss experience. Undoubtedly, this book will be very important for all energy geologists, geoecologists, and energy engineers, not only those working in Switzerland. 'Pure' geologists will also appreciate it as a source of very peculiar knowledge that is often required for the purposes of geoscience teaching. Just look at the modern textbooks in general geology or environmental geology and find how much is told there about alternative energy! To make the information gathered by HIRSCHBERG et al. available for a wider circle of the potential readers, it will be good to publish a shortened and popularized version of this book as it was done in Germany (DANNENBERG et al. 2012). The latter is so necessaiy to stop too
    optimistic and too pessimistic (and simplistic in both the cases) talks about the importance of geothermal energy."
    (Dmitry A. Ruban, Zentralblatt für Geografie & Paläontologie 12, 2014, S. 701f)

  • Buchreihe: TA-SWISS Band 62
  • Auflage: 1., 2015
  • Seiten: 524 Seiten
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  • Format in cm: 18,5 x 26,5
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  • ISBN: 978-3-7281-3655-8
  • DOI: 10.3218/3655-8
  • Sprache: Englisch
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