• Autoren: Henrik Czurda

  • Core Processes for Securing Information and Communication Systems
  • Analysis of the "British Standard BS 7799 : 1995, Code of practice for Information security management" from the perspective of implementation
  • Information systems are becoming ever more critical for corporate operations. The knowledge they contain represents major assets that are irreplaceable in value chains and business decisions. The central role of IT systems heightens the need to protect these systems and the information.

    The goal of this study is to explore the core processes from the "Code of practice for Information security management, BS 7799" ­ being used as an example of an IT security standard ­ and to present them in a structured way. The study pays attention to the implementation of security measures to protect the users from the loss of availability, integrity and confidentiality and is primarily meant for managers seeking to improve their knowledge of the implementation of an IT security concept. Since some of the measures to be taken can only be observed or assessed with difficulty, the analysis shows this from the perspective of the Agency Theory. Issues in IT security thus involve not only technical issues but also controlling aspects.

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