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Challenges for Governance Structures in Urban and Regional Development / Fragen zur Steuerung von Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung

Raumentwicklung, Landnutzungsstrategien, Eigentumsrecht, Ressourcenverbrauch

The governance structures in urban and regional development have undergone processes of transformation since the medieval period, resulting in them becoming increasingly decentralised, diversified, and centred about "middle-class values". An essential part was played by the initial concepts of land ownership and planned land use. These were then complemented by additional items from land taxation to the concepts that began to evolve during the 20th century, including diverse elements such as land economics and social responsibility.

This volume concentrates on a diverse range of topics centering on the relationships between governance and the organization of entities within both urban and rural areas. The essays indicate that the development of systems of governance runs parallel to and reflects the indelible print humankind has made upon all forms of landscape. Over time various forms of governance evolved, but in the course of the last century they also became more accountable. Together this resulted in a continual process of evolving boundaries and territories, of political changes, and of the subsequent divisions between urban and rural areas as well as urban subdivisions. In addition to this complex mixture of land and spatial planning issues, we are faced today with rapidly changing demographic profiles across all of Europe – and not the least with the emerging awareness of how social responsibilities impact this issue.

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