• Autoren: Guido Ettore Sartoris

  • A Hybrid Finite Element Method to Solve the Stationary Semiconductor Equations Including Galvanometric Effects
  • Following the discovery of the bipolar transistor and the development of the MOS transistor the need for numerical models to simulate the physical behaviour of semi-conductors grew considerably. The tasks involved are complex and many models and discretization methods have been proposed. The drift-diffusion model is one of the simplest but is nevertheless of great importance. Conventional discretization methods are unsuitable for obtaining a solution and in addition the computing time required to produce results of acceptable accuracy is too great.

    The present work concerns a new finite element (FE) method for discretizing 2D and 3D drift-diffusion models. Beginning with the Bolzmann equation the drift-diffusion model including galvanometric effects is derived. The hybrid FE method employed for the solution of p.d.e.Õs of second order is presented. Other algorithms are also discussed regarding their computational time and storage requirements. The computer program developed is presented together with its data structure. Finally some computational results are given.

    This work is directed mainly to those working in the field of semi-conductor simulation and both developers and users of such software are given a clear description of the method employed here to solve semi-conductor equations.

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