Garry, Anna

Anna Garry

A Journey into Time in Powers of Ten

CHF 38,00 | € 36,00 | CHF 19,00 | € 19,00
Anna Garry | Thomas Feurer
A Journey into Time in Powers of Ten

Science, Transformation, Evolution, Physics, Chmistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Culture

The development of science over the course of many centuries has shown that there are things in our universe which took incredibly long to form, such as planets or galaxies. While, in contrast, there are processes, for example inside our body, which happen so incredibly fast that they are beyond our ability to fully comprehend. Using examples from different time periods or timescales we aim to give you deeper insight, both visually and with text, into some of the most amazing physical events, cultural developments and biological processes from life. These examples are brought together using three intertwined themes: life, light, and science.

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