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Anti-Ageing Medicine: Myths and Chances
  • Autoren: Astrid Stuckelberger
  • Herausgeber: TA-SWISS

  • Anti-Ageing Medicine: Myths and Chances
  • The 21st century technological development is revolutionizing medicine and health care, bringing new hopes to human suffering by offering cures and treatments which were unthinkable a few decades ago. This is where anti-ageing medicine finds its niche.

    Anti-ageing medicine aims at slowing, arresting, and reversing phenomena associated with ageing by merging biotechnological innovation and engineered solutions. Ideally, by means of the newest medical technology, the "body machinery" should be kept fit and at peak performance all life long. Early detection of age-related dysfunction should thus be "fixed" at any age with interventions such as metabolic fine tuning, enhancement, regeneration, restoration or replacement of "body parts" (i.e. organs, skin, bone or muscle). It covers a vast array of domains: from cell therapy to pharmaceutical interventions, from bio-surgery to aesthetic surgery, from human enhancement to fortified food, from smart housing and robots to toxic-free environments.

    Anti-ageing medicine holds promises but also significant risks and safety issues which are addressesd in this book. It presents the latest scientific evidence on what works or does not work. It also provides public policy recommendations to ensure the protection of consumers and their rights while encouraging research and development.

    This book is intended for academics, health professionals, business persons, consumers and policy-makers interested in the latest evidence and ethical issues about anti-ageing medicine.

  • Buchreihe: TA-SWISS Band 52
  • Auflage: 1., 2008
  • Seiten: 328 Seiten
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  • ISBN: 978-3-7281-3195-9
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