• Autoren: Oliver Schneider

  • Adding Enterprise Value
  • Mitigating Investment Decision Risks by Assessing the Economic Value of Supply Chain Initiatives
  • Logistikmanagement, Supply Chain Management, Produktionsmanagement

    Value creation is no longer achieved through a single company alone, or through a network of local suppliers, but rather through wide ranging, even global supply chains. This reduces the transparency of the benefits and risks of the various supply chain setups and activities used for improving the performance of the supply chain. Such supply chain initiatives usually result in an investment by all supply chain partners involved, including the respective Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The supply chain partners therefore need a tool to show what improvements they can provide in logistics – generally the reduction of inventory and reduction of lead time – in terms of those financial variables that describe the value added to the company.

    The connection between supply chain management and financial management is currently very important. The integration of the two management levels is extremely important for the success of a supply chain initiative. Showing the possible benefits and risks for all concerned is a pre-requisite for assessing the economic value of the initiative and perceiving the win-win situation.

    This book and the "Supply Chain Value Contribution (SCVC)" method described therein provide:

    • An approach to showing the cause and effect of supply chain initiatives on supply chain performance and working capital utilization, on the basis of the wellestablished Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR)-model.
    • A clear and traceable approach on how to measure and sell the value created by the resulting operational supply chain performance improvements.

    The application of the SCVC method is described in two use cases. Due to the comprehensive but pragmatic presentation of the content, this book will be of value to both practitioners and academics alike.

    Oliver Schneider won the Zurich Insurance Disseration Prize 2010 .

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